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Films for use in:

  • Promotions
  • Exhibitions
  • Fund raising
  • Web sites
  • Events
‘The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder’ – Alfred Hitchcock

…This is not why we make short films! We make short films for websites because we truly enjoy making thoughtful, imaginative and good quality content for interesting businesses. We no longer live in a time when a ‘piece to camera’ corporate video will do, we live in a time when standards are high, competition is tough, and standing out is vital.

One Line Films was born out of Monumental Adventure Productions which make short-form, high-end films on the cultural highlights of cities around the world. 150 of these films have been broadcast on terrestrial and in-flight platforms over the last 3 years. One Line Films use a team of researchers and producers headed by Flora Montgomery. Flora has produced and directed 150 short films worldwide, as well as being an award winning actress. The films are shot and edited by Mark Hughes who has worked extensively for Sky and the BBC.

One Line Films have teamed up with HeavyLight, interface designers for clients such as BT, Technicolor and HSBC to produce bespoke video-based websites and video players to present your films in a way that blends perfectly with your company’s image.